The Next Revolutionary Diet

A new diet revolution is coming to a venue near you!

Eat cabbage soup for a week and lose weight!

Eat a grapefruit with every meal and watch the pounds fall off!

Drink glasses of green stuff and you will go to the ball in your favourite outfit.......

Lose 10lbs in a week!

The list could go on and on about the latest food/product/diet for you to follow that will help you reach the figure that you have always wanted. After the 10 days/3 weeks/2 months and money invested, what happens?

Do you continue on the same plan or do you go back to eating the way you were?

Do those lost pounds stay off or do they slowly creep back on?

Have you ever asked yourself, if these diet plans were so successful for the majority of their followers, why do they keep going back?

I am not saying all of those theories/plans are wrong, or that you shouldn't try them, but what I am asking is, can you sustain that way of eating? Do you want to?

Is it better for you to follow a restrictive plan that requires different meals to your family or would it be better that you and your family find a healthy way of living and eating that you will all enjoy and look forward to?

These diet plans will all have different theories behind how they work but the one thing in common in all of them will be that you will fundamentally reduce the number of calories you are consuming. Fast/convenient foods tend to have a higher calorific value than many healthier/fresher foods. There are many things you can change in your diet currently that will bring you many benefits, help you shed a few inches/lbs and/or feel better in your self.

Below are some tips to help you improve your eating and hopefully start you on the journey to a brighter you!

Try one thing a week and try and record how you are now and revisit in 6 weeks time.

  • Plan your food for the week and ensure you have the ingredients on your shopping list – no last minute dash to the express store or take away around the corner.

  • Add one extra fresh veg portion to your evening meal

  • Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day flavoured with fresh lemon/orange/lime/mint/cucumber

  • Chew each mouthful of food at least 10 times before swallowing

  • Ensure at least 2 out of 3 meals a day are at a table or away from distractions. No TV/IPad/Computers

  • Pick your most favourite guilty pleasure/sin food. Sit in a quiet room and slowly eat it, write down what it is you enjoy most about it. Think – do you feel that every-time you eat it, Or do you eat and forget it almost straight away?

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