Why do we give up on Exercise, even when we know it is good for us?

I have seen many people come through the gym and start an exercise program. Encouraged to do so due to ill health. Be it depression, stress, anxiety, blood pressure, weight loss (the list goes on), family encouragement.

Many of us find that exercise will help, either eliminate or reduce symptoms, make us feel better and potential gain a leaner, fitter body. Why is it then that we stop going? There are many reasons why this might happen.

  • Financial

  • Ill health

  • Family problem/issues etc etc

All the hard work then starts to fall away and we can end up back where we started with the symptoms slowly returning/getting worse.

Why is this?

Why is it when we find something that makes us feel better we stop?

What would make us stick with it?

Firstly you need to find the exercise/thing you will learn to enjoy doing. Don’t just do something because someone tells you it will make you feel better. Free time is precious and you want to spend it doing something you like.

There is no point going to a gym if you hate working out in front of people. Try a Personal Training session at Home

If you are uncoordinated or hate big groups - aerobic classes are not going to be your thing. Try a small Boot Camp class

Hate being outside, shouted at to do another set of burpees - don't go to boot camp. Try a circuit class.

We all have different likes and dislikes and no amount of encouragement is going to work if it is your worst nightmare. The key thing is to find that thing that you enjoy that is going to help you and you are going to want to do every week. There are so many different activities to try.

Indoor / Outdoor / Group / Individual / Dancing / Bodyweight / Walking / Running / Gym / Classes

Ask yourself what is it that you would like to do and then try them. When you find that thing that you love, make a note each week of how you felt and record your progress. Have symptoms reduced? Do you feel better? Revisit these notes often to see how well things are going and remember if you get fed up, try the next new thing.

“A happier life can be achieved if we learn to love and enjoy the moment we are in”

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