Small Wins = Big Gains

Haven't we all started on a new fitness regime or diet with 100% enthusiasm only to wane after week 3 because we are bored, fed up, not seeing the results we had hoped? Many of us apply unnecessary pressure on ourselves when we embark on something new.

Lose 2 stone before my holiday

Run 10K by May

Fit into my favourite outfit in the wardrobe - that I haven't worn since 2007

How many of you have soon realised that you are not going to hit your target in time and either sabotage your plan or give up?

Setting out a long term goal such as losing 2 stone before your holiday is a great thing to do, but you should always set yourself smaller achievable targets along the way and reward yourself when you hit them (which doesn't mean ordering takeaway pizza!)

When you have a particular goal in mind write it down and then ask yourself is it really achievable i.e. would losing 1 stone be more realistic and achievable for your holiday and then work on the next stone when you get home?

Always have a long-term goal but plot some targets (short and medium term goals) along the way. Losing 2 stone is a big task for anyone and if you only lose 6lbs in the first 3 weeks you can sometimes feel un-motivated and wished you had lost more. However if your first target was 7lbs, then you have almost reached your first goal. (Bare in mind that 6lbs is over 20% of your total weight loss that you are aiming to achieve).

You should also think about how you will reward yourself for reaching your targets, many of us associate food as a great reward, but if you are looking to lose weight or inches then it is not always the best option. Check out the list below for some inspiration. (These would be some of mine.)

Luxury bath oils/smellies

New book

New outfit

Plants for the garden

Hair cut

Day out

Cinema trip

New gadget

Weekend away

If you would like some help setting targets and goals, feel free to get in touch with me.

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