I hardly eat anything but still can't shift the weight!

How many times have you got on the scales and that number just doesn't change? You've been eating salads and soups for lunch and have given up the bread but still can't shift those pounds??

This is the story for many of us, but are we being completely truthful with ourselves?

Did you put that spoon of mayo with your salad? Did you add some cream to your soup? Did you finish the kid’s food when clearing the plates? What about the time you went in the kitchen to put the kettle on and biscuits came back with you? Just a little glass of wine/beer last night…..

It is very easy to add extra calories into our diets throughout the day without really thinking about it.

Whilst I don't suggest you get hung up on the weight on the scales too much, you do need to bear in mind that to lose weight at a sensible rate, you need to remove 500 calories from your daily intake or workout and burn an extra 500 calories every day.

Keeping a food diary is a great way of recording what you are eating and drinking. It can help you identify reasons why you might not be seeing the weight loss you are expecting. I myself lost the most weight when I was keeping a food diary. There is something sobering about having to admit on paper/phone app or to someone else - what you have actually eaten. Consuming a whole packet of biscuits when no-one else knows is far easier than having to admit to a piece of software that 'yes I have consumed my weekly recommended amount of fat and sugar in one day and now I feel really bad about it.......'

Keeping a food diary enables us to see what we are actually consuming every day and also allows us to record how that makes you feel. Salad may not be as enjoyable as a burger and chips, but feeling like you had so much more energy and felt better about yourself when you ate it, is a great reminder when you are making food choices.

Try keeping the food diary for 2 weeks and remember you need to include everything that passes your lips and record how you felt. You can either be old school and use pen and paper or there are many 'apps' you can download to your phone or tablet/PC that will record calories and nutrient values.

Get food diary keeping now and see if it helps you to start moving closer to your goals!

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