Water is so boring, why drink it?

True water is not the most exciting drink out there, but are you aware of the benefits water gives you?

Many people that know me, know I am like the water police. As soon as my husband says he has a headache - the first thing I will ask him is how much water has he drunk today. Water is my go to thing for many issues, headache, hunger, muscle fatigue, clearer skin and many more.

Water is one of life's necessities. Whilst we could live without food for many days, if you run out of water, you are likely to get into difficulty quite quickly.

So what can water do for you?

Well to start with it is the basis for nearly every drink and some foods, (that doesn't mean you can replace your water intake with beer or vodka).

Water is essential for your health. Everyday you lose fluid from your body simply from breathing, sweating and going to the toilet, it needs to be replaced. Your body is made up of 60% water and this fluid in your body is used for digestion, circulation, saliva and body temperature control.

Your body will very often tell you when it is thirsty, it is just sometimes we receive that message as hunger rather than thirst. Listen to your body and when it sends you a signal, go have a drink, preferably water but squash, milk or tea would do, just avoid the alcohol. If you are trying to lose weight, whenever you feel hungry, have a drink of water and wait 20 minutes and see if those hunger pangs disappear.

Try eating a diet with foods high in water such as vegetables and fruit along with homemade soups. They tend to be healthier and will fill you up more. Think about how filling a bowl of soup can be.

Water is great for the skin. If your body is dehydrated it can make your skin look dry and wrinkled. Have you ever noticed some days your skin is drier than others?

Water can be a great detox product and almost free if you get it from the tap. Water will help your kidneys transport waste products out of the body and they will not work as efficiently if your body is not hydrated. Checking your pee colour is a good indicator of how hydrated your body is. The more concentrated and smelly your urine is, the more dehydrated you are. Water also will aid digestion and being suitably hydrated will help prevent constipation.

So how can you add more water into your day?

Have a drink (non alcoholic) before or after eating

Eat more water rich foods - think soup and veg!

Buy a BPA free water bottle and keep filling it up throughout the day. Why not add some sliced lemon/orange/lime/cucumber to it to add some natural flavouring

Like many thing we consume, be aware that you can have too much water. Be sensible with what you drink and seek advice from a professional if you are not sure or concerned about anything.

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