Guilty Pleasure or Bad Habit?

How many of us have a guilty pleasure?

Lashing of butter on hot toast

Dunking chocolate digestives in tea

Chip buttie with mayo

Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream

Sticky sugary Jam Doughnut anyone?

Sitting watching a box set of Prison Break or Sons of Anarchy

Back to Back Eastenders

You can’t beat that feeling when you take a mouthful of that one thing that you cannot resist. It tastes sooooo good you could just keep eating and eating. Watching your favourite episode in the afternoon or with dinner, just to ogle over your favourite character.

But when does that once in a blue moon become a habit. Whereas we used to sneak that treat into the shopping basket once a month, it has now become a weekly thing and then before we know it, it is happening nearly every day. We would watch 5 episodes at the weekend we now sit and watch 4 back to back every night. Ask yourself, does it taste as good as it used to, have you enjoyed those episodes or are you just trying to get through it? Have you negotiated with yourself that you have worked hard today, so you have earned the right to indulge?

Are you ACTUALLY enjoying your guilty pleasure or is it now your bad habit?

It is very simple to drop into habits that are not necessarily good for us. Sure we all have that food that we really love, but save it to have when you can sit and enjoy every morsel. Make it once a week or once a month and really enjoy the moment. Why not set yourself a target that if you succeed then you can enjoy it whilst shining your halo.

I find it very easy to tell myself that I am so busy I don’t have time to exercise myself or make that scrumptious salad, but in reality have I managed to find the time to catch up on this weeks Madame Secretary????

We need to treat ourselves and relax sinking into a world on TV where we don’t need to think about the next job that needs to be done sometimes but these should be ‘treat moments’ not every day habits that can become so easy to fall into.

There is a new buzz word on the block – MINDFULL, let’s start being mindful of our actions and take control of those things that can hold us back from achieving our goals. Put down that doughnut, turn off the TV and lets go and do something less boring instead.

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