"Do, or do not, there is no try!"

When I was a child I always remember my Grandad telling me "there is no such thing as can't". For those Star Wars fans amongst you, you may remember when Yoda says to Luke in Empire Strikes Back "Do, or Do Not, There is no Try." Whilst I am an advocate of giving things a 'try', after watching a summer filled with fantastic Olympic and Paralympic achievements it has reminded me of the power of the mind. It is great for us to say, I am going to 'try and eat healthily', I am going to 'try and exercise more' and this may work for some of us for a period of time, but are we really convincing ourselves that we are going to do something, or is it a half hearted attempt to do something we thing we ought to?

I am still humbled by watching Paralympians with NO ARMS, do the Butterfly stroke for 50metres through the pool. I, with 2 arms would have been floundering somewhere half way, yet these athletes have fought through many limitations and disabilities to do things some of us would not even consider 'trying', let alone actually 'doing'.

There are countless articles you can read about the power of the mind, but you only have to watch those guys to know, what a strong will and mind can do and achieve. If your head isn't into something, your body is not going to do it, no matter how hard you 'try'.

Can you think of a time in your life when you have said, "I am going to do 'something'....." - Have you done it? Then compare that to the amount of times you have said, "I am going to 'try'".

Which has been more successful?

My challenge to you all this week is to decide on something you are going to do - and DO IT! There is a reason why the Nike brand logo and strap-line has been so successful.

Lets all go and just DO IT!

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