Why do we repeat the things that never work?

A wise man once said that the definition of "Insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - (Albert Einstein) and what wise words they are, but why do will still insist on repeating things, expecting the outcome to be different?

How many of us go back to the same diet that we have tried before, that meant we lost 2 stone, but has lead us back to where we were again, needing to shift that same 2 stone?

How many of us have embarked on an exercise regime for 2 months, gave it our all, got fitter, gave up and now feel worse than we did before we started?

How many of us stuff our faces with the food that makes us feel bloated, sluggish or unhappy?

We are complex beings yet sometimes we find it easy to fool ourselves into believing things will be different this time. Why would they? If we are doing the same thing as last time, why is the outcome going to be different?

Our bodies talk to us all of the time, we just aren't very good at always listening to them. If you eat something that makes you feel crap - don't eat it. If you do an exercise that makes you feel great, keep going, if you come out hating it, stop and find something else. If you went on a diet, hit your goal and went back to your unhealthy eating habits - that diet hasn't worked for you. Find a way of eating that you enjoy, that is healthy and you can maintain.

I have started running again, not because I have an event to train for, but because I want to. The difference in my running from when I had to do it, till now is a world apart. 2.75 miles this morning in the beautiful October sunshine was blissful. If I had done that 2 months ago because I had to, it would have been nothing short of torture for me. Listen to your body and not your head and see if you can notice the difference. Eating 4 Krispy Kreme doughnuts for lunch may feel great at that moment, but how do you feel and hour later?

Stop doing those things over and over again that sabotage us. Make a change today, change one thing, one behaviour and see how that makes you feel. Listen to you body. Be in control and aim for the outcome you want.

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