Baby it's Cold Outside - Lets get out there!

Yes, the cold weather is finally upon us. Did you, like me get used to those lovely warm (and hot) days in September, then when the cold weather hit it was a massive shock to the system?

Once the clocks go back as well. the first thing we all think about doing is snuggling up inside our warm houses and not rearing our heads into the outdoors and till spring is here!

BUT....... did you know the cold weather is really good for you and your training. Studies show that most people are able to and will workout harder and longer in the winter months when exercising outside than you would in summer.

There are of course obvious reasons why you wouldn't want to work outside in winter. The cold being the most compelling, but those of you that already come along to my bootcamps know, that you soon get nice and toasty. The ideal thing to do is wear lots of thin layers (ideally mositure wicking sportswear). As you warm up you can slowly remove each layer and add them back on if you become cooler. The most important thing to bear in mind is keeping your extremities warm. Keep those hands, feet and head nice and toasty and don't forget your water proofs if it is a little wet outside. You don't need to buy expensive workout gear either. There are many supermarkets and bargain clothes shops that sell good inexpensive workout clothes.

Go on, grab your hat and gloves and get yourself outside, you get more calorie burn for your workout than you do in June and you get to feel invigorated as you come back in!

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