I can't exercise because my Dog ate my trainers.....

So what is your excuse for not exercising/eating healthily/going to gym/eating that bar of chocolate?

I know I am not alone in coming up with an excuse as to why I haven't done something. At the time they sound really valid, you even convince yourself, but later when you are feeling lethargic, unhappy because you didn't lose weight this week, your favourite trousers just won't do up, do you not look back and think, actually I could have done that??

Excuses can be......

Arm hurts

Leg hurts

Head hurts

Husband home late

Had a bad day

Too tired


No time

Have housework to do

Feel crappy

No food in the house

The list goes on and in our modern way of living it is so easy to make an excuse as to why we haven't done something we set out to do. The trouble with this is, we are self sabotaging our progress in reaching our goals. Only today I started off going for a run with the dog at lunch time, issues with the boiler and umpteen calls to the engineers later and now I am mentally telling myself that I can go later. In reality is that going to happen? Or is the phone going to ring, the doorbell go or another reason going to occur so that I can tell myself it is OK, I don't' have to go?

Who else has been there? Why do we do it?

Once we start down the slipping slope of missing a class, not eating so well, having that daily bar of chocolate that becomes our habit, rather than the good one we set out to do. Then life gets in the way and it becomes so difficult to get into that better way of living. Look inside you and ask yourself, what things could you REALLY have done? If your life depended on it, would you have done it? What would have happened if you went to a class with a sore foot? Could the instructor give you something else to do to work you out and not hurt your foot further?

Just because you had a bad day, did eating 3 doughnuts and drinking 2 glasses make you feel any better than you would have done after meeting up with friends, enjoying your workout and then being able to wear those favourite jeans at the weekend?

If we could just use a little of that energy convincing ourselves our excuses are valid, why don't we do something good, that would make us look back on ourselves and pat our own backs.

Booking and paying for classes up front, make you more likely to go. Arranging to meet a friend means you are less likely to back out. Hanging those favourites trousers up on the outside of the wardrobe is a way of reminding you, that you need to fit into them. These are all little things that we can do, to help encourage ourselves to carry on the good work. You know you will feel better.

My challenge to you this week is to set yourself 3 things you are going to do (eat 3 pieces of veg a day, exercise 3 times a week....) you pick it and if you find yourself trying to come up with an excuse why you can't, look in the mirror, have a word with yourself and get back on it!

No more excuses!

#excuse #eathealthy #weighttless #Justdoit #fitness

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