Just some of what my clients have said since starting training sessions with me.

Ian - May 2016

Sara is a first rate personal trainer. I asked Sara to help me in August 2015  to improve my general fitness and physique. I started off with a 1 hour  gym session per week  with Sara, supported by 2 gym sessions on my own.  I have been really impressed with Sara’s fitness knowledge and experience which means my routines are set to my personal goals and are changed every 6 weeks so I never get bored. She has also given me diet advice which has helped my performance  enormously. Sara is exceptionally patient when it comes to explaining new routines , which I struggle with sometimes , and she  always  motivates by encouragement and fun , always pushing me but never too far . In January 2016, I increased to three gym sessions per week  with Sara, and I can say that I am really pleased with the results. Her attention to detail means that I am always completing my routine correctly. As I approach my 51’st birthday, I am certain that I am fitter and  stronger than I have ever been. Whatever your fitness  goals or requirements, I would have no hesitation in recommending Sara as your personal trainer.

Michelle  - June 2016

Whenever I tell someone I’m going to boot camp, the usual response is ‘What’s that?’ Well, it’s sort of jumping around, it’s exercise type stuff and it’s fun (yes really – it doesn’t even feel like exercise!). There’s usually a few burpees involved (‘What’s a burpee?’) and sometimes there’s music and sometimes we get into groups and do some team stuff.

Each session lasts for an hour, but the time goes quickly as we do lots of different things. It’s usually broken down into sections and I really enjoy not having to think too much about what I’m doing – Sara plans out each session in advance and every week is different, so you just turn up and have a go at whatever she throws at you (sometimes literally – tyres and medicine balls are particular favourites!). It’s great to be outdoors rather than in the gym or a studio and you get to try out a variety of equipment (including kettlebells and ropes as well as the aforementioned tyres and medicine balls) and different exercises.

Boot camp is brilliant for people of all ages and abilities as you can go at your own pace and work as hard as you like. Sara always explains everything so that we all know what to do, even if it's a new piece of equipment or an exercise we've never heard of before, so no-one gets left behind and we all benefit from a thorough workout. It has definitely helped to improve my fitness, but I’ve made new friends too and I always feel great at the end of each session, it really sets me up for the day.

Oh, and if you're asking 'What's a burpee?' then come along and find out!

Sarah 2016

"When I started my personal training session I wanted to tone up and increase my fitness whilst supporting my training for a marathon.  I have noticed a slight weight loss but even better I have lost inches where I wanted and people are commenting on my shape!  After each session I feel happy and glad to have done it and a satisfied feeling of doing something and knowing I can do more each week.  Having a personal training session means the session focuses on what I want to achieve and I can tell how much I've improved."​

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